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About Us


Beginnings:  BabyBonkin began in 2005 in response to several requests from busy moms for the perfect swaddling blanket for their newborn babies.  And who did these moms turn to for the design?  Their mom, of course! 

Name:  The name “BabyBonkin” comes from a family nickname for one bright-eyed, blonde haired little girl.  We picture her and babies all across the world happily developing and toddling on their way, occasionally “bonkin” onto their rear-ends as they discover the world in which they live. 

Colors:  We love bright colors!  They suggest to us the vibrancy and enthusiasm that each new child exhibits as they embark on their day to day journey.  Our colors represent the determination that babies have to exploring their surroundings and learning and loving as they go.

Fabrics:  Our fabrics are of the highest quality cottons and polyesters.  They are extremely soft and durable – meant to wear well through the most strenuous baby’s activities.  Some of our cottons have a bit of lycra stretch in them to allow for comfortable movement and growth in your baby.

Designs:  Our collection is continually growing!  We expand our selection of clothing and accessories designs as often as we can, remaining true to our vision of quality and comfort for babies.  Many of our outfits coordinate with blankets, bows, and gift cards creating beautiful ensembles and the ultimate baby gifts!

Your Expectations:  We have the utmost confidence in the ideas and thoughts of our customers.  We strive to provide the best to our customers and their babies.  We encourage you to visit our “Bright Ideas” page to weigh in on our developing design concepts or suggest ideas of your own.  We are excited to welcome you to the BabyBonkin design!

Wishing you the happiest of babies,
Janet Kjar, Elizabeth Olson, & Natalie Christensen


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